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Understanding SPIDs in Business Water

By The Switch365 Team (03/06/2024)


A Guide to Supplier Comparison and Understanding Water Rates


For businesses managing their water supply, understanding the Supply Point Identifier (SPID) is vital. This guide explores the role of SPIDs in the water industry and provides insights into comparing business water suppliers to help you find the best business water rates and quotes.

What Is a SPID?

A SPID, or Supply Point Identifier, is a unique reference number crucial in the water supply industry. Think of it as a digital fingerprint connecting your business premises to a specific water supply. Understanding your SPID is the first step in managing your business water needs efficiently.

The Importance of SPIDs in the Water Industry

SPIDs play a key role in accessing comprehensive historical data related to a business premises. This data includes past meter readings, changes in charges, and other essential information. Having a SPID is also a prerequisite for customers intending to switch their water supplier, making it easier to compare business water suppliers and ensure a smooth transition.

How to Find Your SPID

Locating your premises' SPID is straightforward. Typically found on water services invoices, SPIDs may be on the second page. If you’re uncertain, contact your water retailer, who can provide the necessary SPID information. Whether your site has a meter or not, as a business property, it will always have a SPID number.

Core SPID Water/Sewerage SPIDs

Business premises usually have a primary or "core" SPID:

  • • English customers: A 10-digit core SPID starting with the number 3.

  • • Scottish customers: An 8-digit core SPID starting with either a 1 or 2.

The core SPID is followed by three digits, differentiating between water and wastewater services. For example, an English water SPID will have 10 digits followed by a 'W' for water and two more digits: 3XXXXXXXXWXX. Conversely, an English sewerage SPID will have 10 digits followed by an 'S' for sewerage and two more digits: 3XXXXXXXXSXX.

Compare Business Water Suppliers

As you manage your business water needs, considering different water suppliers is crucial. Compare business water rates, request quotes, and evaluate contract terms. Understanding your SPID ensures a smooth transition if switching suppliers.

Key Factors in Business Water Comparison

  • Rates and Tariffs: Understanding the different rates and tariffs offered by suppliers helps in comparing costs effectively. Look out for hidden charges that might affect your overall expenses.

  • Customer Service: Evaluate the customer service provided by potential suppliers. Good support can make a significant difference in managing your water supply efficiently.

  • Contract Terms: Ensure you understand the terms and conditions of the contract. Flexibility in contract terms can be beneficial for your business operations.

How to Obtain a Business Water Quote

Getting a business water quote is a simple process. Contact various suppliers, provide your SPID, and request a detailed quote. Comparing these quotes will help you identify the most cost-effective option for your business.

Why Compare Business Water Rates?

Comparing business water rates is essential to ensure you’re not overpaying for your water supply. Regular comparisons can lead to substantial savings and better service.

Understanding Water Rates for Business

Water rates for business vary based on several factors, including location, consumption, and the supplier. Being informed about these rates helps in budgeting and reducing operational costs.

Making an Informed Decision

Being informed about your SPID empowers you to make cost-effective decisions when choosing a business water supplier. Whether it’s about water rates for business or obtaining a business water quote, understanding your SPID ensures you get the best deal.


Understanding SPIDs is essential for business owners navigating the complexities of water supply. These unique identifiers unlock vital information and facilitate the seamless operation of the water supply market. The next time you receive your utility bill, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what those mysterious SPIDs are all about.