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Discover the Benefits of Switching Your Business Water Supplier

In 2017, the UK Government deregulated the water industry allowing businesses to switch their water supplier. By switching water suppliers, businesses can now source a better deal for themselves, and take advantage of major savings.

We understand your priority is running your business. So, you may not have time to search the market, comparing suppliers and tracking the market rate. Our utility experts are here to help take away this pressure and provide you with the best available rate on the market, that is tailored to suit your business's needs. The open water market in England and Scotland allows businesses to now make savings and reduce their wasted water consumption.

Tailored Service

For businesses with multiple sites we can consolidate your billing so that you can manage them in one place. Making it much easier to compare your usages and spot any inefficiencies.

Are you being overcharged?

It is estimated that many businesses are being overcharged up to 65% on their water bills. As a result of not switching supplier since the deregulation of the water market

Avoid Price Increases

Protect your business from price increases by fixing for up to 5 years. By doing this you can take advantage of lower prices for longer!

Customer Renewal Rate of 94%

Estimated 65% of UK businesses are being overcharged on their water bill

Understanding Commercial Water Rates

Business water rates can be complicated, here is a quick break down of how they work...

Business Water Usage Charges are calculated based on the amount of water your business uses during a billing period. If you have a water meter installed, your usage will be calculated based on your reading.

If you do not have a water meter, your usage will be estimated based on the value of your business premises and surrounding buildings in your area.

Wastewater Services Charges are for the removal of used water from your business premises. There are two methods for calculating this charge: a fixed/standing charge or a volume charge. The fixed charge is based on the water supplier's cost of maintaining sewage services, while the volume charge is based on the amount of water returned to the sewerage system from your business premises.

At Switch365, we understand that analysing your business water bill can be complicated. That's why we offer smart data comparison tools to simplify the process for you!

Our transparent service provides a full breakdown of your charges and helps you save on your water costs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the water industry deregulated and what does this mean for business owners?

In April 2017, the UK Government deregulated the water industry, meaning that businesses could now shop around and choose their water supplier. While the water wholesaler will be based on region, the supplier can now be chosen by the consumer.

This has allowed many businesses to benefit from major savings.

Why should I switch business water supplier?

Since the deregulation of water in 2017, it is estimated that only 15% of UK businesses have switched water supplier. Meaning many businesses are being overcharged on their water bills. Switching supplier could help you save an average of 20% annually on your water bill.

What is a Supply Point Identification Number (SPID)?

A SPID is your property’s Supplier Point Identifier.

Why do I pay highway and drainage charges?

Surface water or groundwater drains directly or indirectly into the public sewers. This process incurs an additional cost which is built into your final water bill. The cost is based on either the size of the area (in square meters) or it’s a fixed annual charge based on meter size or consumption.